Allergy Humour

I have a headache! And my eyes are burning!

Today was a great day. But this evening, my eyes started this really burning marathon! First the right eye, then the left, then the right one again! Until they both reached the finish line of complete agonizing itchiness! And then, a headache followed hurdling down the tracks, dragging itself…slapping its heavy feet on the concrete of the dotted line…all the way to the back of my skull!

Glad to announce: Seems like I will live. It’s simply a case of being allergic to some silly sunscreen I applied today! Yes it’s finally sunny in Permafrost!

After receiving the allergy news through my fogy brain, which was in the midst of processing some words it was reading on the label, ‘Benzoyl etc etc’, my half-witted chin flopped down towards my chest in disappointment and shame! ‘That’s it?! Sunscreen allergy?! You mean it’s not emerging green grass and new beautiful spring flowers popping everywhere..?! Ugh!’

To my further dismay, my very own wise and assertive hand rose, elegantly lifted up my sad chin, moved a few inches away from my face, all while my poor allergic eyes were crossed now staring at it in complete horror, as it turned into a fist for a split second, and I quickly ducked as it punched the air above my head, then like a skilled magician hand, it lowered itself down slowly, in a peaceful gesture! Fingers spread out…! My distrustful burning watery eyes are still following it in horror…as it got lower and lower…and I think I heard and may have even spotted…a white dove fluttering through, making a whistling sound as its feathers vibrated…and then disappeared!!!

_sound of me falling backwards and the dog freaking right out-

Author: Kat

I used to work as a graphic designer, until one day I was tragically and blissfully hit by two colliding meteors! One caused my falling in love with the world of coffee! And the other resulted in me falling out of love with the not so wonderful and nearly suffocating office culture! I left the glamour of the design world, and opened up my little café! Those were the best years of my life! I say ‘were’, because (wait! May be another time! But please do ask me if you ‘must’ know and can’t sleep tonight unless I tell you!) For the past three years, I have been living in a pyramid shape house in a middle of a green forest in the summer; a green forest buried underneath lots - I mean LOTS - of snow in the winter. I used to ‘think I still do ;)’ love the city! With its buzzing energy! I love to travel and seeing different food and coffee scenes...preferably alone! visiting ‘quirky and unusual’ places! I do not love visiting museums, hugely commercialized areas, malls and landmarks! I love old and full of heritage ‘anything’! I also love, to sit in a busy coffeeshop ‘reading quietly’ and not talking! Talking exhausts me most of the time! Watching the world unfold.. and thinking ...never does!

9 thoughts on “Allergy Humour”

    1. Hi Gina! I’ve missed you! 😊
      I’m so glad my brain remembered a similar reaction years ago and connected the dots. Now I just have to stay away from that sunscreen 🙂 and I should be on the mends. Thank you lovely Gina!

      Oh Gina she was here yesterday 😃 and that’s precisely why this silly woman lathered on the sunscreen! It was so warm and wonderful! But, melting slush everywhere, rarely any parking spots where you don’t feel like swimming in a lake when you open your driver door and you look down! 🤣 And no flowers yet of course 🤘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. i have missed your energy and humour too! very happy to read this today, you made me smile, I do a lot of this too, silly things that make others crack up!

        Is is all sunscreens or just this in particular?

        Melted slush sounds gross! Hope she makes up her mind to stay so flowers can bloom soon.

        Take care and so good to read you today, i need to do some catching up soon on your other posts.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. We are ‘both’ here today Gina! At the same moment! And it’s spring and it’s so wonderful to feel nature waking up all around! Slowly around her perhaps, but nonetheless, she’s awaken and smiling. Glad to hear you’re smiling too :)…Also glad you find humour in strange places too :). Makes life more interesting doesn’t it? 😉

        ‘Any’ sunscreen with Benzoyl Peroxide.

        It IS so gross! But trust me it’s way better than stubborn non-melting icebergs haha!

        Lovely catching up my friend. Love to you ♥️🌸

        Liked by 1 person

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