A Story From My Café Days

“A Story of A Strange-minded Woman”

A flower-shop at a farmers market, was getting ready to closedown for the day.

The owner of the flower shop, a big burly fellow, was so ‘green’ at being a florist_no pun intended_ to a point where, he couldn’t tie a simple jute string around a bouquet, without getting all bent out of shape in the process!

The poor florist’s muscles would tense up; his clumsy, far far from anything remotely graceful, delicate, and let’s not mention ‘gentle’, fingers, would fumble and ineptly drop pairs of scissors_which used to sometimes end up in puddles of water on top of all the chaos that was unfolding_ while frantically trying to obey him, and manage to finally tie that bouquet all together! You couldn’t help but feel sorry for them! As if, they were an entirely different entity, all on their own…deserveant of all the sympathy they can get!

It was an unbearable scene to watch! Yet, you couldn’t help but detect the humour in it all!

Customers, with their eyes wide open and filled with absolute horror…at more than one occasion, were forced to subconsciously take a few steps back, away from the often frustrated florist; fearing, that purple thorny thistle at this man’s reach..laying there staring back at them, was getting ready to quickly land on the top of their heads!

~Part I