Madness At Christmas

What happens when you go into the deep forest to chop-up your own tree looking like a mad woman with a saw in her hand? Here’s what happens: The squirrels and the birds, let out a loud scream, frantically texting each other ‘get out! NOW!!!! I MEAN…NOW!!!’ And they all start packing their overnight bags, fastening their scarves around their little necks..The older squirrels crossing themselves mumbling ‘We’re too old for this’..And they all book it to the relatives at the hidden tree by the creek!.

Then the serious faced coffee roaster woman, drags that darn tree all the way back to the house! Her hair, all covered with snow and.. sap…She throws random decorations on it and calls it a night!

However, she somehow..still manages a moment of deep regret for the forest critters! So she pauses, lets out a long sigh..dials the Squirrel Patrol line, and announces in a somber voice ‘Forest is safe! Mad woman is out! Birds…are on their own’.


I can see you…

I can hear your thoughts…’I can’t go on like this! My bones have no strength left! The tension in my muscles! Is..crippling’

But you can! And you must!

Order your brain, to fight!

I am right here! Right here by your side! I won’t leave you! I won’t forsake you!

I am sitting in this calm, with you. Stay here. With me.

I know you’ve made mistakes! But let’s order this brain of yours, to find the calm. It’s the only way out.

I will show you, the way to be resolute. I will hold your hands. Together, we will unblindfold your eyes….

Look in the mirror, look straight into the mirror..don’t look away! This is you! Beautiful you!

A Story From My Café Days

“A Story of A Strange-minded Woman”

First, let’s describe my state at the moment…

But also first, this post is raw and I haven’t had time to edit it. So yes it maybe full of grammatical errors etc etc.

Ok…this is ‘the last thing’ I should be doing right now! Writing a blog! Why? Glad you asked …followed by a long sigh…

I have nooooooo idea why I feel the itch to write…and I’ll leave it at that..I am, just going to accept this current unexplainable reality, and just write words here and there! Then see what happens..

I am up all the way to my ears in Christmas baskets over gift baskets, over coffee orders, over French macaron orders…screaaaaaam…Hey universe!!!! Anybody out there?! Can anybody hear me?! …And please, Universe, do not, answer me back! I’m cool…I’m just hurting physically from all this work…That’s all! Seriously Mr. U, I’m ok! Please stop with the concerned look…

Ok, on to the story now…

– – –

On that day, and as the brawny florist was ready to call it a day, sweeping his shop floor and finishing up his last tasks, he decides, to bring a gorgeous flower arrangement that he still had, to no other than his neighbour two booths down!

So there he was, big wide footsteps, no smile_As he rarely did actually smile!_And just like that, he is in-front of his neighbour’s booth, with a big flower arrangement in his hands.

He places the arrangement on her counter, and mumbles ‘this is for you’! Then just the same way he arrived, he turns around, big wide footsteps, and he’s now heading back to his booth!

His neighbour, looking astonished, scratches her head, and decides quickly ‘ok well that’s really nice! But I’m going home very soon! And the arrangement is not coming home with me’.

See, she’s the type that cannot have flowers around, unless she really ‘really’ loves them! Also, another ‘flower rule’ of this strange minded woman, her house, needs to be immaculate, in order for her to enjoy any flowers around! And these days?! Her house is not cooperating with her perfectionist tendencies! Not to mention, half the time?! She prefers …thistles! Yes! Thistles! She believes they’re beautiful! But that’s a story for another day…

As she is trying to figure out where she should leave the flower arrangement on her counter, and as she finally finds a good spot for it..a customer passing by, to quickly perform a last minute shopping duty at the market, before..closing time, notices the arrangement!

The customer asks if the arrangement is for sale?! The woman responds without any hesitation ‘yes it is! $75’. The customer decides to purchase it, and …does!! And now the arrangement is…gone!

The woman is now thrilled! She is experiencing a triumphant moment! So she strides down towards the florist, with a big smile on her face, places the cash on the counter in-front of him, and declares in a confident joyful tone ‘aaaand…I just sold the arrangement!’…Flashes a wide celebratory smile..then turns around, does a theatrical backwards wave while walking away! However, and just before she takes one extra step to go back and finish her own closing down for the day, she hears him say quietly’ why did you do that?!’.

She stops, turns around, her triumphant smile is now fading way and is being replaced by a perplexed look! ‘I thought you had it sitting there when the day just ended, and that’s why you gave it to me!So…I sold it!’

She can’t help but notices the disappointment on the florist’s face! Then she hears him respond ‘I wanted.. to gift it to you! It was a gift’!

That poor woman, that ‘practical’ woman, was…I.

That florist, that poor florist, never gifted me another arrangement after that.