Then I went to bed

I sat outside alone yesterday for a little break! A favourite song was playing..

“Fleet Foxes/Helplessness Blues”

A song that always makes me think of ..Voltaire, in the end! It’s a song that I feel summarizes my views about this crazy world, and how ‘I’ like to live in it!

…I looked at the trees in the forest all around me, and thought to myself ‘if I ever get another dog, I will name him Voltaire’..Then I smiled at the cheeky squirrel yelling at me from atop a tree. ‘Yah! Well! LOUSY NAME!’

“Michel Sardou/Je vais t’aimer”

Such a contrast!! Such a very old song! Such a very strong song! Such an ..emotional song! It played right after previous one! It’s just the way I prefer my music: No rules. Anything goes. I love each and every song, genre…

Then I went to bed, thinking of Voltaire’s Candide, and…Le Marquis de sades…


Is it silly to feel like I’ve been missing this ‘incredibly small and tight’ Blogosphere community?! Because, I do!

It hit me today! It felt, like I’ve been away for very long! I know it hasn’t been! But it felt like it!


Was a happy day today…My ego ‘my nemesis’, accompanied me to a meeting. I was a little nervous going in. What if?! But, surprisingly, it turned out really well! And by the time I left, my ego was floating on its way to the car. It turned the stereo volume up, and it just bounced up and down in the backseat dancing to the beat. There was no point of trying to reason with it to slow down! It didn’t even know I was there, in the car..chauffeuring its majesty around…So I kept glancing at it in the rear view mirror! But…I was smiling the whole time!

After I got home! I went for a run around the lake! And thought some more about life! As usual! The craziness of it all! Good days, not so good days..and all the ‘meh’ days in between! I have a feeling more good days are coming!

If you’re reading this, I hope this light entry this evening, finds you peaceful and content! I also wish you, a wonderful evening.

My Life

Where’s life taking me? I have noooo idea.

My days, get busy with solitary work…then intensely busy with events etc…I I’m getting tossed back and forth between two completely opposite directions, and two incommensurable extremes..!

Today, needs to be a quiet one.

Nora Jones is really helping.


What is life?! Why is it so confusing?! Why is it so sweet but also…so sad? Why do friends appear? Why do they leave? Why do we leave?

Why is music so magical to some of us?! At least to me…it’s EVERYTHING! It changes everything! Music, never stops after entering my eardrum…rather continues to travel and travel and travel…through every cell..It wraps itself around the oxygen…I breath.

Song & Old Ghosts

The song was on repeat…

How does it make any sense?! That a person who’s incapable of watching a movie twice, or reading a book they so loved, more than once, can play a favourite song on repeat on and on and on?!!!!

She responded: why do we have to analyze everything?! Why couldn’t things…just be?!

‘Jenny of Oldstones’, spoke to her. ‘The ghosts’ are her kings who are gone! She danced with those ghosts and danced…and…danced…

Some of them, she had missed…She blamed herself for losing them! And some, she felt she just found and was thrilled to find.

But then, there was more…there were those ghosts who loved her the most! She looked at them! They spun her around…Spun away her pain…her very deep pain…

And she never wanted…to leave

Never wanted to leave


Image by Mean Shadows/unsplash