Espresso + Photography

I posted this on my business social media page today:

“When you start making your own Espresso shots at home, ‘Expressively’ just for you, pay attention to these 2 important factors, in order to get THE best Crema.
Your Espresso Crema, is the creamy emulsion of the coffee’s oils, and acts as a lid on top of your espresso cup. If you don’t see a Crema forming on top of your espresso, your shot needs some tweaking.

  • ⌛️If your shot is too short, meaning less than 18 seconds, your shot is watery due to ‘not tightening your ground enough’. Tighten your ground.make it finer.
  • ⏳If your shot is longer than 25 seconds, your ground is too fine. Make your ground coarser.”

I am enjoying the focus I am giving to my little business. I do love the marketing aspect of it too, especially the photography.

On a different note, I am noticing the intensifying tension around me, outside.

The fear in people’s hearts, is real.

I am noticing, how souls are showing signs of withering. It’s absolutely frightening!

I am noticing increasing impatience, in how people treat each other.

I am also noticing, how some of those around me, are putting their trust in me, to lead them to shore when they start drifting.

My spouse is one of those.

I am noticing, his debriefing after work, is lengthening, however, it’s becoming more…trusting. Or maybe, I am growing more attentive?! I don’t know.

I try listening as a friend. Things are currently very shaky at his place of employment. Bleak news everywhere. So he comes home, needing a listening ear. And I am happy to provide that.

I don’t have the answers to anything around me. I don’t know where we’re all heading. But, I can talk business until the cows come home. My brain is always full of ideas. and maybe..just maybe..that has been my saving-grace lately?! …It could be I guess

Coffee + Photography

In order for me, to not get swept away, by all the madness swirling around lately! I am picking up the camera more often…

Chasing…texture…hues..patterns…anything! Truly anything, that speaks to me.

Anything, that makes me feel…normal, again.

Happy Thanksgiving

Diana Krall is softly signing “California Dreaming”..and I am sitting with the dog by the warm fire

It snowed a tiny bit today.. for the first time this fall.

Yesterday however, was a beautiful autumn day..sunny and warm.

I feel…at peace..right in this moment…contrary to how I’ve been feeling lately!

I’ve been very busy lately. And I finished a lot of work projects, orders, and the corporate identity design for a local business that I’ve been also working on, is finally sent to print. Maybe that’s why, I’m finally breathing much better..And my stress level is finally..going down.

The soft jazz..the fire..the dog resting her chin on my all I need at this very moment.

Looking I lay here..this architectural home I live so beautiful! And I am feeling very thankful.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving 🍁

Chaos & Peace

Lately, I’ve been watching, how my own brain, has been trying to protect me, from all its ‘Negativity Bias’.

The truth is, it isn’t just my brain that does that! It’s in fact, a human tendency deeply wired in our psyche. ‘Negativity Bias’, causes for negative occurrences, to affect us, much more than positive ones.

I find this fascinating, as well as concerning.

The past 6 months, have been cheer chaos. Pretty much all over this world.

Nothing adds up. The maddening daily MSM bombardment on our already over stimulated nervous system, is always ready to devour any leftover sense of joy…still sprouting inside of us. Or so it seems!

– – –

Lately, I’ve been purposely avoiding the news.

Lately, I’ve been focusing instead, on how to grow my small business, amidst such chaos.

Lately, I’ve been challenging myself, to remain aware…to remain calm, to insist on finding joy more than ever and to pay close attention to my health mentally and physically.

I admit, it’s hard work to challenge my very own hard-wired “negative biases”. But it’s thrilling..nonetheless… find little successes here and there.

The world, for the lack of a better word to describe what’s happening, is trying to kill your inner joy and mine. But we can choose, to fight it.

I fight everyday.

I fight it with courage. With awareness. With paying close attention to what brings me joy and peace, and most importantly?! With kindness towards others, and also towards myself.

I still make mistakes. I still struggle to forgive myself when I do. But I’m working on that part as well.

Don’t let the world break you. Do not, let it, steal your joy. Keep fighting, with self-awareness, avoiding the negative news, surrounding yourself with positive folks, making time for ‘you’ and what you enjoy, going out into nature..and choosing kindness wherever and whenever you can.

/I’ll continue this post after work/

Love and peace to all.


It’s been a while since I visited my little refuge place. This little whimsy cottage, made of sunset dispatches, early morning entries..and sometimes clumsy..scattered afternoons’ words.

Life has been very busy since I returned from those sultry few days by the lake, at the end of August.

I’ll never forget, how that lake, was calm and completely ripple free, the one day. Just like a sheet of glass! Then wavy and frisky…the next day! As if, it wanted to show me all its moodiness in the little time I had with it, while I constantly hugged it and hugged it with my eyes..

I will never forget, the lingering summer air, pungent of an unfamiliar fragrance yet incredibly lovely..

And now, I’m back; thrusted into my little daily challenges, of entrepreneurial life, forever love-hate relationship with domesticity.

I am not complaining. I enjoy it all.

May it be this evening, that you find refuge from your worries and fears.

May it be this evening, that your soul’s little wounds start healing, and the bigger ones..start becoming less and less..jagged.

Let’s walk bare feet on this earth outside together. Even if it’s for a minute or two. Let’s feel the soil underneath our soles. And if it’s already chilly out, I’ll light you a fire, to warm your weary bones up. Then, we will quietly sit around it together, and wait..until the next spring.

Note: Apologies. I wrote this after a wonderful yet exhausting day yesterday. I didn’t edit it properly. It’s less laughable now, I hope.


It’s The Sabbath! And I’m still wearing my housecoat!

I did some work today. Tied up some loose ends! All while..(tied up) in my housecoat! Sorry! I could not resist the pun!

Inside my core, I am watching myself morphing into a grotesque spawning salmon! Have you ever watched how salmon morph? I have! And it’s..shocking! Am I am shocked at my own inner morphing?! And praying, it’s temporary!

Is it the my own heart..that drives me to light up all those fires..that I keep lighting up this quiet forest?!

I watch myself_no matter the stubborn breeze, suffocating my little fire_coaxing the little grow and grow..I never give up! The fire tires to challenge me! It keeps suddenly gasping..taking its last breath then wilting and dying..and I always always..grow more persistent! Until I finally watch its now obedient flames, flicker..transforming the lightly tanned wooden pieces..into blackened alters…ready for my spirit sacrifice

I watch the fire, snarling…biting…Reminding me of how everything…anything.. I ever temporary!

Have you fire wraps itself around a new wooden log you just threw in?!…Like a serpent….or like..a tantalizing tango leg wrapped around an opposite dancer….or a haunting spell..giggling in the woods as it burns and swirls!..

Is there anything..that warrants me this void?! This emptiness I feel inside?! I doubt it!

How could it be, that my soul gently bends, embraces, includes and many lovely things I encounter throughout my days..Whether fragments of voices..beautiful musical pieces..books..faces..people who inspire me!? Then it suddenly shivers, when I am in this house?! And especially, when not alone in this house?! Is it my fault?! The truth says: yes that is very probable! And I do love truths

I sometimes, feel..the void I have inside, is going to swallow me!…Feeling the potency of the disagreeability! Two disharmonious spirits..walking through halls and rooms.. It’s jarring and can be extremely painful

Then his voice interrupts ‘wanna go out for beer and fries?!’

I guess it’s sunset! And no longer The Sabbath! So I hear my voice crackling like the fire …’Ok’

Fire Dance

“The stress is mounting up….! I’ve had a pretty good day! Then why? Why do I feel this mounting stress ”

Her eyes…filling up with tears.

I sat there. I tried to be incredibly quiet! To not disturb the influx of emotions

It was very obvious, she’s reaching a tipping point of some sort

Interrupting someone, regurgitate pain..and disturbing them by making…(noises)…is a crime! In my books!

My purpose, at that very moment, is to be a a still birth..of so much pain!

So I tried meshing with the vines…covering the wall..behind me.

At one point, it seemed like…she needed me to nod, or say something

And I all I could do, was to hold her hand

I squeezed. She did a slight shift with her eyes..while she continued her fixated I’m sure.. what felt like..nothingness

Where do birds go?!”

– ……what do you mean honey?!

I said in a quiet voice…

Her wide open gazing eyes..blinked

I mumbled…’honey! let’s take you to bed’

While I gently…very gently..extracted the glass..filled with some bitter brine..out of the grip of her fingers…