Blind Date Part II

Mark, was seated between my friend Sara and his blind date.

Sara is my best friend. A gorgeous 37 years old professional.

Sandy did not stand a chance. And my heart started to break one piece at a time for her.

At one point, I still had hope Mark will still talk to Sandy and maybe a spark will just emerge…So I kicked Sara under the table so she’d slow down on being chatty with Mark, who was completely taken be her by now. I kept a straight face on when she felt my kick, stopped talking and looked at me! I ignored looking at her, quickly took a sip off my drink and blurted to another friend beside me ‘what a lovely evening to be dining out here’! Flashing a big smile to distract from the kick.

In my mind, I could sense Mark’s disinterest! And I couldn’t help but wonder ‘why?! This is a gorgeous, kind and intelligent woman! Your age! You both obviously have a lot in common already as we are all talking, chatting and discovering yes… and Sandy are a great match! Then why?!’

I kept trying to assure myself ‘they may hit it off! Don’t get too cynical! Don’t rush the doom and gloom!’…While the fog, was starting to spread like a blanket of uncertainty outside… in that gorgeous place, all nestled in nature.


Blind Date Part I

If I could take it all back, I will..

I wish I had never said yes, to setting up her friend with mine..

She wore a sleeveless red tunic, and black leggings, underneath her raincoat. Ankle boots too. She was not tall, and neither was my friend, so I thought ‘at least their mutual height is perfect’!

If I was to guess, I’d say she was in her mid fifties. Blond medium length straight hair. Fair skin. Her kind blue eyes looked a little tired _Dinner was at 6:00 pm after perhaps a long day for her at work_ and her sweet smile, revealed her goodness inside.

She also had a pearl necklace on.

He, my brainiac friend, her blind date, arrived in his usual way too big for his size long sleeved shirt, a blue also baggy rain jacket, and bluejeans. I did notice, however, that he paid extra attention to his hair. It looked combed and tidy.

His thick greying beard, and his Dali moustache, gave him a rather quirky look. My friend isn’t my age, but that was never an issue in ‘our’ friendship.

His date’s friend and I, met not too long ago. Then one day, out of a mere casual coincidence, we were having dinner with other mutual friends at a very fancy Estate establishment; and that’s when, Rose and I decided to set her single friend with mine.

We invited other friends to the same place two weeks later, including Mark and Sandra. Mark is my friend, Sandra is hers…


As much as I love summer, this darker exchange between us, took place the other day…for no reason.

* * *

You arrived…

You took your raincoat off..

You looked at me as if expecting me to run to you, throwing my arms around your neck, while you pick me up…twirling me around…

I hear you laughing…your deeply free ringing laugh…

Then you put me down…but you immediately take your long waltz step..while still holding both my hands. Not giving me a chance, to declare, I am not in the mood for your rise and fall moves…

The gradual rise to the toe…is already exhausting every muscle in my aching body..

As the heel of my shackled left foot rises, the ball of my right foot gives way..but you fail to notice…while we continued our dance to now the deafening noise..of all the clapping waves..mocking my increasingly stiffening moves

As you slowly started to feel The clumsiness of my lower limbs…and I could see how you are no longer stared at me quietly…

Your eyes, as usual, are holding back all the questions..You hate it when I get too serious! You usually run away carelessly and proclaim ‘This is all winter stuff’

Yet to my surprise this one time, you did ask ‘when did you stop being in love with life?’

I responded ‘After you neglected me all winter!’

As our dance stopped…And we were no longer in rhythm…standing motionless now, by the moonlight.

Denver & Weimaraners

I can’t write lately. It feels as if, all the interesting words and expressions, have decided to join hands and jump out the edge of both of ears, out of my brain..they went! All they left me, was buckets of fog and confusion.

So I’ve decided, I am going to Denver to find ‘me’. Or at least, part of me. Fingers crossed it’s still there. (The part of me)

My love for adventure and solo travel, is taking me all the way to Colorado. Two wonderful Weimaraners will be my only companions. Murphy & Guinness.

Life has been busy lately and as usual for me, the excitement and preparation for a trip, always has to wait until the last minute! I realize this sounds strange.

What is more strange? I have no interest in visiting Boulder (at least this time)! I am a downtown junky. Not the high-rise buildings part usually! Rather the quieter but still very urbanized areas. Watching life unfolds, experiencing live music scenes, trying out delicious street food…etc etc

I will try to chronicle my Denver adventure.

Any advice, comment, recommendation about Denver?

I leave you with a bit of an amazing “Strumbellas” concert a couple nights ago.


Just another smudge added to the canvas of my ‘one day’ novel.

* * *

They arrived. Filled the house with chatter. There were showers being taken, meals getting prepared, a dinner table surrounded by chairs..and people! Then, they left.

The house is suddenly so quiet, again! And her heart wants to shatter into a milion little pieces… but she’s trying hard to fight the feeling of emptiness beginning to settle in!

‘I’d love to be completely alone for at least 3 days.’ She thought to herself! Clutching her wine glass.

At 5pm every single day, Cinderella turns into a ‘happy’ pumpkin. She has no other choice….When she’d rather, just be truthful to her feelings of ‘all the missing’, and all that ruthless, inescapable and very poignant sense of…void.

She does not need to shed sticky tears… She just needs space to adjust back into her very quiet life. Any human, will unfortunately disturb her fragile walls of ‘I’m ok’ right now. No matter who they are. But her daily companion, will be coming home soon, demanding attention. Something, she’d rather give to…an imaginary faraway lover, instead.

She usually keeps her kitchen very tidy. Nothing is out of place. But on a day like today, leaving it in disarray until the hostage taking hour arrives, means, a carte blanche to an hour of temporary freedom!

She would rather be cleaning her kitchen alone, than performing her ‘happy’ dance like a well trained jovial circus elephant!


Meet Dopey. A female Downy Woodpecker. She came to visit but decided to go through the window instead of asking me to come outside to play. I immediately saw her, went outside and picked her up.

My friend Socks ‘the neighbour’s cat’ had just finished visiting minutes before and did complain while brushing against me outside ‘have not eaten lunch yet 😋!’ Soooooo glad he opted for a mouse instead and left on a mouse hunting mission before spotting Dopey laying there.

Dopey was stunt! I massaged her little heart. It was beating incredibly fast. Then, I’d cradle her gently close to me while very gently stroking her feathers on her little head. whispering at her the whole time ‘hang in there! Please hang in there little one! Don’t give up!! Stay with me!!’

Five minutes or so passed. My new green coffee delivery had just arrived! And instead of helping, I left the big mount of wrapped up coffee sacks on the pallet, and decided Dopey needed me. I had to make sure I do everything I can so she’ll live.

When I knew her heart was normalizing, and her eyes were starting to open, I decided to put her in a box over a towel, after poking holes.

I kept watching her until she was all rested and no longer comatose! Poor thing.

Then? I opened the box, she flew flawlessly to a tree about 30’ away.

I knew then Dopey was going to be ok

“Phone conversation with my mom”

My mom: you keep saying you were ‘delivering coffee’! what happened to your design career!? (My mom has stubbornly refused to understand the concept of me roasting coffee for a living the past 7 years).

Me: I like it mom! It’s what I do! I have Charlotte and Andrew with me in the car! What could be better? /I’m evil! playing with my mom knowing she will never guess who that was, and it WORKED/

My mom: you take your friends with you to deliver your coffee?

Me: nope! Char is my dog! Andrew is Andrew Bird

My mom: you take your dog AND YOUR BRID WITH YOU IN THE CAR?

Me: /trying soooo hard not to kill myself laughing as she will not forgive me/. Yes mom I take The Bird AND the dog :)))!