The Noise

Warning: Boring longish read! However, I am not writing this to impress anyone! This is rather a reference, for me and for anyone, who wants to be aware, of the ‘different’ learning styles. Whether for themselves, or most importantly, for their children.

I believe it’s an extremely important step, when trying to understand, the struggles and the thrives, we all make while learning, or while watching our children learn. Whether in school, or outside in the world.

I graduated high school at the age of 17. Academically, I was already ahead! Academically, I was ‘fine’. But my learning thus far at the time, had taken place for the most part, in solitary settings. I did go to school, but I studied alone, and not in group! It was my preference. No one noticed anything alarming!

What I did not realize, and what my parents did not equip me with _no blame here. Just facts_ was my solitary learning style (AKA “Intrapersonal” Learning Style /which is the complete opposite of “Interpersonal” Learning Style/ presents its own challenges.

While intrapersonal intelligence is useful for introspection and long-term decision-making, it can pose difficulties when communicating or working with others.

Of course there are rewards too, but nonetheless, the challenges are there.

Here are some of those challenges:

– Solitary Learning Style:

People with high intrapersonal intelligence are often referred to as “solitary learners.” They pick up and absorb information best when they have time alone in a quiet environment to concentrate on their thoughts. Because of this, they may appear shy, aloof or standoffish. Their social lives may suffer when they are working on a project or studying for an exam, since they need additional time by themselves to complete their work. Note that this does not mean that intrapersonally intelligent individuals are loners or socially unskilled; rather, their learning style and way of processing information often requires them to spend large periods of time alone.

– Motivation Issues:

Intrapersonally intelligent people are skilled at knowing what they want and judging whether their current actions are helping them achieve their goals. However, this focus can also work against them. For instance, when an intrapersonal individual is unable to see how an activity relates to his goals or interests, he is likely to become disconnected and uninvolved. He might have to spend time reflecting or analyzing the activity to determine how it is connected to him.

– Sensitivity to Groups and Noise:

The solitary learning style also may make certain environments difficult for the intrapersonally intelligent individual to focus in. Because the intrapersonally intelligent learn through solitary thought and reflection, being in large groups of individuals or loud environments can cause them to become distracted. To collect their thoughts, they need private space and a lack of noise. They can easily lose focus.

(I believe this one, is the worst for me personally).

By Jon Zamboni

I truly hope this helps you, as it helped me understand my learning style better, and as a result, quit beating myself up, for being different!


The Horses Couldn’t Save Her

On the way home from her riding session, she decided to stop at the local bar in town!

Was she scared to go straight home and face the trees questioning her?!

She knew they were going to. And today?! She had no glimmering fabrics of sparkling answers! That she could proudly and gleefully lay, like a precious sacrifice, at their feet. All she had, was an utterly grey, torn up weaves, of embarrassment. Along, an old fraying blanket, full of holes, and disappointment.

They will ask about her day! They will expect a smile and find none on her face! They will accuse her of being childish! They will then proceed to blame her for her paper-thin skin! Again.

So she parked her car in the town’s little centre, and decided to delay the trees’ dreaded expected sacrifice ushering, their questioning, just for a little while.

The parking lot was full of cleared snow and frosty shivering cars.

Her winter boots tried hard to prove their omnipotent power! Attempting to crush the thin layer of snow left on the ground after the snow plower scraped most! They quickly gave up! And just resigned to simply carrying her loneliness to the bar, in non of their usually striding leaps!

Her winter boots, entered the quiet bar, headed to a corner table, watched her toss her riding gloves in front of her, take off some of her winter shackles and lay them on the seat beside her, then sit down. They then, went to sleep, like a couple tired puppies, underneath the table.

She ordered a beer. Maybe it’ll help her forget!! Briefly forget!

After all, the horses couldn’t save her today! They tried! But there were way too many humans interfering! Talking. Laughing their high-pitch nervous laugh that always always makes her want to scream ‘please stop’!

And she simply…. fumbled…again and again. Then dragged the sleigh that carried her heavy disappointment, her heavy heart..bruised over and over and over…The one that she foolishly did most of the bruising to..She dragged the sleigh behind her..and left

Hear Me. See Me. II

I wrapped my arm around her. My hand cupping her right shoulder!

My gripping fingers…exuding strength, breathing security, pouring warm unpatronizing encouragement, into her veins.

In contrast, my other hand, held her left forearm gently!

I led her back inside! Once there, I took off her coat and threw it on the couch! She instantly looked at me…questioning! I soon remembered, how these little unthought of acts, always managed to stir a little tiny dust storm inside her! How easy it had always been for her to get..suddenly unsettled inside!

I stepped backwards, surrendering to her quiet surveying gaze. My hands, spread, and raised in the air in front of me, showing her my willingness, to immediately correct my frivolous act!

I turned to the side, picked up her coat again, walked to the coat closet, and hung it there! ‘Hope that’ll make for a smoother start!’ I thought to myself.

to be cont-

The Wolf Visited

Staring at the white forest this morning, while having my first coffee. It’s so beautiful after a snow fall! Everything looks…innocent, fresh, untouched …uncontaminated !

Then, my eyes detected movement! What was it?! Not a deer for sure! The shadow in the trees, is moving quickly now! It disappeared for a few seconds…Is it gone?!

Then there he was, A WOLF!

No…a coyote. Just a hungry coyote, looking for breakfast!

I still..was thrilled for the visit! You never know what you may the forest!


I had the chance to cuddle in a hurry, with a pile of puppies earlier today!

I wished I could spend more time! But I had a busy day! The visit only lasted for half an hour!

At the end of the day, and as I entered through the door to my house, my 11 year old Chocolate Labrador, greeted me at the door, as she has always done for what feels like, a million years!

I crouched down, and as I hugged her, and looked into her eyes, thoughts were going through my head. ‘How did you get this big? How did you become this old?! I remember when ‘you’ were a little fluff ball! Just like those puppies my clothes are probably smelling of right at this second!…’

My dog, looked back at me, sat on her hind legs like she always does, extended her paw, and just simply handed me…more love. No words spoken. No words needed!

The love of an animal! There’s nothing like it! Humans..can’t even come close, to feeling and expressing such love. Which is in a way, sad.

It’s ok to disagree with me on this one.

I recognize, how easy it is for me, to suddenly feel and express love, towards an animal! How natural it feels to me, to gently touch them! How I feel I have this power, to watch them melt, in between my fingers…the gentleness of it all!

How does one describe this? The circling of auras around each other?! The beautiful transparency of two souls! Dancing and encompassing each other in the air…Joy …peacefulness…Open, very open paths..between the souls! The human one. The animal one.

Why do I feel the opposite, when a human, steps into my personal space?!

Why is it that I find, hugging a horse, feeling the amazing tickling sensation of the coarse hair on their chin, against my palm and my fingers…Their warm breath against my face…Running my fingers up the muscles of their cheeks…Their neck…It’s all…magical! It’s all…what I need, to feel whole again! To stop the continuous decay of my heart! To interrupt the brokenness I constantly feel deep inside! To soothe the open poignant wounds, I keep patching up, with daily rituals and lies. So no one can neither find out, how deep the wounds are, nor try fixing them.

Why is it, when I hug a dog, and they lower their head and drop it on my knee, in the gentlest way possible! And I drape all of me on top of them..I feel, on top of the world?! My soul reaching a much much higher eminence, than any human can ever take me to?!

Why is the connection with an animal, like a horse or a dog, is so much easier to form, way more prolific and real?!

Would I ever figure this one out?!


She tried complaining to me about her slowly fading beauty!

She tried describing, how the once beautiful youthful colour of her hair, has been rebelling against her! How every night, while she lays there with her eyes shut…the colour of her hair, stays wide awake..And as soon as she drifts away, it seems to run around her strands, waking them up one be one…swiftly conspiring against her wishes…Without any regard to what she really wants to keep, forever and ever!

Her once youthful hair colour, began its, nightly conspiratorial, ceremonial, sliver moon worshiping, not that long ago! At first, she ignored it! Only to realize, how quickly…it had managed, to convince more of her poor gullible strands, to get up, walk slowly towards the moon, all mesmerized!

She woke every morning, her strands..that walked up towards the moon the night before; at first, stood there not moving, then began the quiet shedding, of their bright youthful hues. One layer after another, they stripped naked, basking in its witchy silvery reflection!

They did not have a standing chance. They did not realize, his narcissistic deceiving charm. They all got madly attracted to the moon! All while being completely oblivious, to his power to change them all, one by one…and turn them, into a sad, dull, pathetic reflection, to its illuminating, glorious and stunningly beautiful, silvery face! Never to remember again, who they used to be!

I told her, ‘child, wear your silver strands like a crown one day. Pick up your crayons, and colour all over them the next! Pick a different colour each day. Ignore the moon! Don’t let it control you like it controlled them! You’re an artist! Artists do get old, but their art, only gets better and better!’

A Gluten Free Muffin & A Coffee

The contrast between baking all day today…alone… in a quiet setting, and all the buzz working the espresso bar the past 3 days! Is quite striking!

From being surrounded by rushing faces, smiling faces, talking ones, serious ones, inquiring ones, curious ones, familiar ones, unfamiliar ones….to?! To catching yourself, attempting to picture a set of eyes, a long stern nose and a thin lipped smile on a…kitchen aid mixer face!

Not easy. Not easy by any stretch of the imagination! Then…it gets even more interesting!!!…When you turn around! And the food processor looks as if it’s smirking at you…’haha…where’re all the people now?! IT’S JUST YOU AND I..well…’us’ /eyes rolled/…I forgot about the boring conservative stainless steel bowl and the passive sleepy kettle! And that darn pompous Kitchen Aid who thinks it’s the star’!

You shake your head…. ‘I need more coffee!’