First Snow of The Season

It was the first snow of the season! She came back from stocking up the local grocery store with coffee…Took off her raincoat, her rubber boots, her scarf and …hat..‘Really?!! Did I just wear all of those items?!But… don‘t they belong to…….winter!!!! She thought to herself! She sat down, and with her elbow rested on her desk, she brushed her hair back with her fingers for the 5th time in a row, or …was it the 6th or the 7th?! ‘She thought to herself’! Then immediately decided it neither mattered nor did it make any difference…She was simply attempting to be truthful to her thoughts at that exact very moment. That’s all! After all, It was the first snow of the season this morning! Too early for Sep 12?! Yes, at least in a lot of places around the world! But not where she lives in the mountains! Where that word ‘snow’ seems to be part of folks’ daily vcabulary…And sometimes, that word ‘snow’ feels like…it takes over everything around…not just the surfaces of buildings, structures of cars and roofs of houses…But it rather somehow manages to settle on human hearts too…The first fall of snow, seems like it always changes ‘everything’!!! The look on people’s faces at the grocery store is a mixture of nostalgia and sadness…At least… to her! They smile, they may even share a random joke and might even laugh, but to her?! She can still detect a sense of …loss even in their smiles and their laughs. They might not even be aware of it! But ‘she’ sees it! Is it true?! or is it her imagination running wild again??? See, she is never sure…After all…It was: The First Snow of The Season.