The World I Know

Yes. I hear you!

Yes. The stress is mounting. I hear you!

Yes, it’s all crazy out there. Yes yes, nothing, absolutely nothing..makes sense anymore. I hear you.

Life, we are told, is to be lived. And on that premise, I ask ‘you’: what are ‘you’, doing to live?!

* * *

Bear with me here! Don’t run away! Let’s face that question together.

Let’s pretend, you and I, are sitting together somewhere! It could be anywhere…All I ask, is you trust me.

Covid? I know! It makes absolutely, and unquestionably.. no sense!

We were doped, to believe some ‘flue like’ virus, is going to wipe our loved ones, friends, neighbours AND ourselves too, all out! Just like that! We will all…die!

And yes, I hear you, the level of betrayal?! Is..dizzying!

Then, now? Riots. Destruction everywhere! And Covid? Magically took the backseat? And yes yes yes…none of this makes an sense..AGAIN!

For 3 months, they quarantined our movement and convinced us all to hide like mice fearing the vicious cat called Covid. And suddenly?! All media switched to the ‘new thing’ and left us…Left us wondering ‘but but..but..what about Covid?! Is it still out there? Is it not? What now? What do we….DO?!’

I also hear you, if you decide to yell and scream ‘IT IS NOT JUST THE SENSE OF BETRAYAL!!! I am DONE!!! This insanity that they have ‘planned’…to subject us all to??! Is eating me inside! My guts feel like mush! Why?! Because..if I had the guts to say LEAVE US ALONE! I’d have most likely gotten? ARRESTED! Labeled as a scareball! Ostracized by my community and neighbours, and I’d have likely lost my sanity as a result anyway!’

I hear you.

None of this makes any…sense!

But, we, the ‘good’ people, no matter how our level of intelligence and awareness may vary_and it does_ we are still…here. So take ‘our’ hands. Extend yours. Let’s make a circle.

Remember when they also said: “life is not supposed to be easy?!”…Well my friend, it’s not! But what you and I do about it?! Is ‘our’ choice. I’ll tell you that!

Don’t let it get to you! Yes it’s waaay too much! But just take our hands!

They, cannot, take away the birds, the green grass, the blue sky, thunderstorms, the calming rain reminding us of? ‘Growth’.

The sun, it has not stopped shining, no matter their Covid, no matter their lies.

The air? It’s fresh if we drive to a green place. They couldn’t stop that!

Roll your window down my friend! And sing….

Author: Kat

I used to work as a graphic designer, until one day I was tragically and blissfully hit by two colliding meteors! One caused my falling in love with the world of coffee! And the other resulted in me falling out of love with the not so wonderful and nearly suffocating office culture! I left the glamour of the design world, and opened up my little café! Those were the best years of my life! I say ‘were’, because (wait! May be another time! But please do ask me if you ‘must’ know and can’t sleep tonight unless I tell you!) For the past three years, I have been living in a pyramid shape house in a middle of a green forest in the summer; a green forest buried underneath lots - I mean LOTS - of snow in the winter. I used to ‘think I still do ;)’ love the city! With its buzzing energy! I love to travel and seeing different food and coffee scenes...preferably alone! visiting ‘quirky and unusual’ places! I do not love visiting museums, hugely commercialized areas, malls and landmarks! I love old and full of heritage ‘anything’! I also love, to sit in a busy coffeeshop ‘reading quietly’ and not talking! Talking exhausts me most of the time! Watching the world unfold.. and thinking ...never does!

17 thoughts on “The World I Know”

    1. With so much about the “pandemic” was/ and perhaps still maddeningly unclear, people’s fears, were warranted! But ‘now’?! What does one make of the media moving on to the next fear; and the next spread of destruction?!

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      1. Correct, which manifests the “follow the money” mentality of reporting.Most reporting looks to instill fear instead of the broad view. In the early reporting, we were (and still are) basing “how much you need to be afraid” on statistics. We take the flu models that are a hundred years old and apply it to 2-month old data? You will be told the worst case to bring you back tomorrow so you can see an ad for Humeris or some other drug.
        I appreciate the caution. But ignoring everything else that will eventually put the story in its proper context is beyond negligent.

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    1. I’m just glad that other people are finally catching on to the real role of the media in our world. It shatters people’s lives if you tell them they are being manipulated because it’s very hard to admit (it is for me) that I was duped and believed it all and laid awake planning the funerals of me and my family members during all of this (not quite that bad, but just about).

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      1. I agree! It does shatter people’s lives if you tell they are being manipulated!

        I have noticed, how many people I personally know, who are terrified ‘still’ of this ‘pandemic’! Some, even refuse to discuss it! They are intelligent and highly educated! Yet Covid paralyzed their critical thinking! It has become the biggest transgression to even dare question, the facts about Covid!

        It’s a taboo issue!!! It’s prohibited from pondering! This grey veil, just washes over people’s eyes as they glaze at tv screens, or phone screens. As they watch the daily stats…and shiver.

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          1. Yes. I don’t understand ‘never will’, the insistence on not wanting to see the truth! And instead, just wanting to continue living in a anxiety filled state of fear. I honestly feel, as if I’m this unlucky salmon..that one day woke up, and found itself surrounded by…a herd of….goldfish

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  1. All so very true! I thought we didn’t want states to open because they would spread the virus but now…riots and looters and the media is like “Yes!!! More crisis to cover! Bring it!” I found this interesting article last night and I don’t know if you allow links so I’ll put it in another comment but essentially it tells us all that the media often creates crises to control us and politicians join in with them. That’s hard for me to understand and accept because I was a member of the media for 14 years. I worked in small-town papers and I don’t remember ever creating a crisis for anyone. But I think what the article is saying is they seize a crisis and grow it to help others control us, whether they realize it or not.

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    1. I will read the article! Thank you for forwarding it!

      We have a very bright radio host, who does not shy away from speaking of controversial issues! Her name is Daniel Smith! And I remember her saying this when Covid 19 surfaced, and the big scare began! She said ‘Why do I find it a bit disturbing ‘how easy and quick’ it has been, to get us all to be hiding in our homes!’

      And she’s right! It is, very disturbing! And like you mentioned, the media cheers ‘yes!!! More crisis to cover! Bring it’

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