Not A Saint

But was close to being one during my trip to Denver!

Proud of spending 10 days on my own without doing anything that I may regret later!

I met amazing people! But only during my last 4 days there! The first 6? I relished in my loneliness and all the chaos that followed me from over a thousand miles away…all the way to? The mile high city!

On those days, I walked a lot, sat alone a lot, tried experiencing the food, coffee and brewery scenes! But my nerves were shot! My hand trembled holding coffee cups, beer glasses, gin glasses and sushi chopsticks!

I experienced sudden inability to swallow food and drinks at times! I had to rush to the ladies’ room so no one would notice!

I’d stay there till the ‘chocking’ episode would pass! Then I’d return to my table, feeling embarrassed! And hoping, no one had noticed!

The pups were my saviours when I’d return home! Snuggles…and more snuggles! Alexa drove me mental, as she would ignore my ‘normal’ voice, and would bully me to yell! I hate yelling.

Saying goodbye to the pups was hard..I tried my best to not shed any tears in front of them! They enjoyed me being happy around them! And I wanted to keep it that way until the last minute!

I miss them! A lot!

Author: Kat

I used to work as a graphic designer, until one day I was tragically and blissfully hit by two colliding meteors! One caused my falling in love with the world of coffee! And the other resulted in me falling out of love with the not so wonderful and nearly suffocating office culture! I left the glamour of the design world, and opened up my little café! Those were the best years of my life! I say ‘were’, because (wait! May be another time! But please do ask me if you ‘must’ know and can’t sleep tonight unless I tell you!) For the past three years, I have been living in a pyramid shape house in a middle of a green forest in the summer; a green forest buried underneath lots - I mean LOTS - of snow in the winter. I used to ‘think I still do ;)’ love the city! With its buzzing energy! I love to travel and seeing different food and coffee scenes...preferably alone! visiting ‘quirky and unusual’ places! I do not love visiting museums, hugely commercialized areas, malls and landmarks! I love old and full of heritage ‘anything’! I also love, to sit in a busy coffeeshop ‘reading quietly’ and not talking! Talking exhausts me most of the time! Watching the world unfold.. and thinking ...never does!

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