The Spoken & The Untold

The yearlings are getting bigger. They walked up to my coffee roasting room this morning! it’s on our property not too far from the house.

The coffee scent swirling the forest, must’ve led them right to my door!

Their mum and a few of their aunts, approached first. But it didn’t take long for the youngsters to gain confidence and join into the inquisitive panoply of sheer curiosity. Their instinctual and observational powers, are heightened!

I tried not to look disconcerting, as words gleefully leaped out of my mouth: Hello my friends! I’m really sorry it is snowing again! The twigs are all buried in the deep snow aren’t they?! I cannot give you coffee. I don’t think you’d like it!

“I sound like an old lady! Am I sounding like an old lady?!!!! What is happening to me?! I need to stop or I will start knitting long skinny socks to keep the deer’s legs warm in the winter and little cat hats for faro cats I’ll start homing from Mexico!”. My words to myself.

The deer’s untold words echoed mine: We heard a rumour!

– A rumour?! What about?!

– You are leaving us. You are going to open up shop in town. And you’ll be there and not…here.

– I am not sure yet! But if I do, you can still visit me! Won’t you?

– It won’t be the same.


As I looked at the deer. Their big etherial eyes. Their beauty! All the peace that surrounds them! All the unspoken words of stillness, quietness and tenderness! I couldn’t help but wonder…What would life be like if I am to actually get thrusted back into the chaos?!

I will be giving ‘something’ that my fellow humans need. But my own peace, that I have at times pulled around me like a soft blanket on the snowiest night, then pushed away on days when my vicious tedium with…the trees as they refused to talk back to me, along my pervasive ambitions nature saying it’s not enough, that peace, will all…be…gone! I will give it to humans. I will scoop it up early in the morning, set it beside me in the car as I traverse to work, then hand it to humans all day long. At the end of the day, the bucket will be all empty…and there’ll be nothing left, for me.

The irony is, since I started looking into opening my business again in town, I have been very busy working on different projects here and there! As if the deer have conspired to show me, how any busier than this, and my life balance will be compromised!

The deer! My immutable defenders of peace. What are they telling me?!…..

Author: Kat

I used to work as a graphic designer, until one day I was tragically and blissfully hit by two colliding meteors! One caused my falling in love with the world of coffee! And the other resulted in me falling out of love with the not so wonderful and nearly suffocating office culture! I left the glamour of the design world, and opened up my little café! Those were the best years of my life! I say ‘were’, because (wait! May be another time! But please do ask me if you ‘must’ know and can’t sleep tonight unless I tell you!) For the past three years, I have been living in a pyramid shape house in a middle of a green forest in the summer; a green forest buried underneath lots - I mean LOTS - of snow in the winter. I used to ‘think I still do ;)’ love the city! With its buzzing energy! I love to travel and seeing different food and coffee scenes...preferably alone! visiting ‘quirky and unusual’ places! I do not love visiting museums, hugely commercialized areas, malls and landmarks! I love old and full of heritage ‘anything’! I also love, to sit in a busy coffeeshop ‘reading quietly’ and not talking! Talking exhausts me most of the time! Watching the world unfold.. and thinking ...never does!

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