She tried complaining to me about her slowly fading beauty!

She tried describing, how the once beautiful youthful colour of her hair, has been rebelling against her! How every night, while she lays there with her eyes shut…the colour of her hair, stays wide awake..And as soon as she drifts away, it seems to run around her strands, waking them up one be one…swiftly conspiring against her wishes…Without any regard to what she really wants to keep, forever and ever!

Her once youthful hair colour, began its, nightly conspiratorial, ceremonial, sliver moon worshiping, not that long ago! At first, she ignored it! Only to realize, how quickly…it had managed, to convince more of her poor gullible strands, to get up, walk slowly towards the moon, all mesmerized!

She woke every morning, her strands..that walked up towards the moon the night before; at first, stood there not moving, then began the quiet shedding, of their bright youthful hues. One layer after another, they stripped naked, basking in its witchy silvery reflection!

They did not have a standing chance. They did not realize, his narcissistic deceiving charm. They all got madly attracted to the moon! All while being completely oblivious, to his power to change them all, one by one…and turn them, into a sad, dull, pathetic reflection, to its illuminating, glorious and stunningly beautiful, silvery face! Never to remember again, who they used to be!

I told her, ‘child, wear your silver strands like a crown one day. Pick up your crayons, and colour all over them the next! Pick a different colour each day. Ignore the moon! Don’t let it control you like it controlled them! You’re an artist! Artists do get old, but their art, only gets better and better!’

A Gluten Free Muffin & A Coffee

The contrast between baking all day today…alone… in a quiet setting, and all the buzz working the espresso bar the past 3 days! Is quite striking!

From being surrounded by rushing faces, smiling faces, talking ones, serious ones, inquiring ones, curious ones, familiar ones, unfamiliar ones….to?! To catching yourself, attempting to picture a set of eyes, a long stern nose and a thin lipped smile on a…kitchen aid mixer face!

Not easy. Not easy by any stretch of the imagination! Then…it gets even more interesting!!!…When you turn around! And the food processor looks as if it’s smirking at you…’haha…where’re all the people now?! IT’S JUST YOU AND I..well…’us’ /eyes rolled/…I forgot about the boring conservative stainless steel bowl and the passive sleepy kettle! And that darn pompous Kitchen Aid who thinks it’s the star’!

You shake your head…. ‘I need more coffee!’